CARLIT 3 bag pack


€ 14 (VAT included) – With this pack you will have a bag of each size and design. Made with recycled materials, they are the best sustainable alternatives to single use bags.

  • 1 S bag (18 × 15 cm), 1 M bag (27 × 30 cm), 1 L bag (28 × 35 cm)
  • 80% recycled cotton and 20% recycled plastic – Khaki color

This month we will give 5% of each pack sold to Animanaturalis, a foundation that works to protect all animals with which we share this beautiful planet. 

Discount for the purchase of 2 packs10 %
Discount for the purchase of 3 packs or more20 %
  • Useful not only for the purchase of fruit and vegetables – but also for many other things: keeping cables tidy, wrapping gifts sustainably, taking your lingerie on trips, for the little ones’ snacks...
  • Especially resistant. Hand stitched, with double seams, overlock finishes and made of one piece.
  • Made of recycled materials (80% cotton mixed with 20% polyester -to create more resistant fibers).
    • Cotton pre-consumer cuts discarded from textile factories.
    • Polyester from post-consumer sources - recycled PET bottles.
  • Tintes certificados OEKO- TEX Standard 100, indicando que no contienen sustancias perjudiciales para la salud o contaminantes.
  • Fabric is  free from Bisphenol A (BPA) certified.
  • More sustainable than other materials since:
    • We avoid taking further resources from the planet
    • Recycled material saves lots of energy and water and preserves the farmlands.
    • Reduction of CO2 emissions compared to conventional production.
    • Unlike other fabrics that are transported throughout different countries in their several production phases (growing, spinning, weaving, etc.) our material has its origin in India and the bags and packaging are produced in the same country.
    • Aprovechamos residuos como materia prima y evitamos que terminen incinerados o en un vertedero.
  • El nombre de nuestro pack Carlit es un homenaje al aire puro y a la naturaleza prístina que nos recuerda que somos sólo una pequeña parte de este maravilloso planeta. Carlit es un precioso pico de los Pirineos Orientales. Desde su cima, a 2921 metros, se puede observar desde en Canigó hasta los Pirineos Centrales.
  • Handmade in India guaranteeing fair and safe labor conditions.
  • Approximate weight (being handmade, their exact size and weights may vary slightly): S: 25 gr, M: 35 gr and L: 55 gr.

Additional Information

  • Washing instructions An important part of the environmental impact of a product is in its use. For this, we recommend you wash your Next Step only when necessary, at low temperature and air dry them in. You will save energy and they will remain as new for longer. Keep in mind that in the first wash, the bags can shrink and fade slightly.
  • Our bags are designed to carry fruit, vegetables and bulk purchases of pulses, flours and nuts. When you get home it is best you store your goods outside the bags or in glass jars to keep them fresh.
  • Our packaging is as minimal as possible to generate the less possible waste and is made of recycled and compostable cotton paper!

Additional information

Weight150 g